Business English Conversations

Learn Business English from Successful Businessmen

Our names are George Hoge and A.J. Hoge. We are not only English teachers, we are also successful businessmen. Most business English teachers only studied English, and know very little about business. We will teach you both!

George has an MBA and decades of experience with large companies such as IBM. He teaches you how to succeed in the corporate world. A.J. has a Masters in Teaching English and is the founder and owner a highly successful business.

Why You Need To Learn Real Business English From Real Businessmen

To understand business English, you must learn from real businessmen. Real businesspeople use slang and idioms. They discuss real business ideas, not just vocabulary. Our Business English Conversation Course will teach you business English with real business discussions. Register for our Business English Course and get started instantly!

The Business English Conversations Course is a complete 4 month business course. You get one new lesson set (module) every week for 16 weeks!

All lesson sets come in MP3 form, and include: A Business Conversation, Audio Vocabulary Lessons, AJ’s Commentary Lessons, George’s Commentary Lessons.

Audio Business Vocabulary Lessons

The best way to learn vocabulary is by listening to it, not by studying list. With us you learn vocabulary from real conversations about real business topics that will improve your job and career. You learn business vocabulary in whole phrases, from real conversations.

AJ’s Business English Commentaries

Teacher A.J. Hoge, a successful business owner, teaches you important business (& English) skills to improve your job and career. A.J. gives you the “new business” ideas and “new business English” that you need to succeed today.

George’s Business English Commentaries

Teacher George Hoge teaches you business skills and strategies for the corporate world. He teaches you how to improve your career in any company.  Learn the language and strategies needed to succeed in the corporate world.

Business English Conversations

Real business discussions about real business topics.  Learn business English by learning powerful business strategies to improve your job, career and business understanding.

A.J. and George discuss powerful business skills, ideas and strategies. Use them to improve your own career– and your business English.

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Free Text Versions Of The Course

Get text versions of all audio lessons in the course. The text helps you understand everything you hear. More about this bonus


The Business English Conversations Forum

You’ll get free access to the Business English Conversations Learning Online Forum. More about this bonus

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I've tried to read about business but my general feeling is that even though those are great experts and very rich people they lack something: a mission! A general vision that I completely share. That's why I'm looking forward to learning Business from you and your father, AJ, because I feel deep inside that I trust only you and I love your ideas and your soul!

--Julia, Italy
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We know you’ll love our Business English Conversations course.  In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction.  Register for our Business English Conversations lessons and if you’re unhappy with the lessons, simply email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. We know that you will love these lessons. That’s why we can make this incredible offer! You will never find a guarantee from a textbook or classroom. We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this if we weren’t sure that you will be successful.