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52 responses to “Brand You Business English”

  1. Ahmed Karadakhy says:

    Mankind needs at least 7 million ultra-active minds like yours, i.e. one mind for each one thousand of the population of our risk-facing world.

  2. Alma says:



    Hi AJ Thank You… I love It all your subjects!!

  4. Michael says:

    This is great. Very good message. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded – Thanks AJ

  5. Sadiye says:

    AJ, You always give me a positive energy in your videos..Belive or not I have 2 jobs, much more money, confident in English and a lot of improvements about cultures, languages, people in US where I decided to move from Istanbul 4 years ago, I appreciate for your all helps, I’m happy having a teacher like you..

  6. Pat Anderson says:

    AJ – This is a strong and interesting message: Be Proactive. Be determined and strong. What else can make the life of each of us more productive and fulfilling? I enjoy your messages. Thank you: you are being heard and appreciated by the world.

  7. Kitjuk S says:

    I have listened your video, I’m very glade, your video make me confident in Business English, thanks

  8. Businessman says:

    Another great some pieces of advice. I hope you will keep making much more such a priceless hints.
    I keep following your videos.

  9. Samer abd says:

    I want to learn business english conversation with good method thank you

  10. Posma says:

    I downloaded and watched your videos….oh my God, they are very very good and meaningful… Thank again AJ.

  11. Зинаида Фёдоровна says:

    You are quite right! I’m thankful to you!

  12. Adam Chmielewski says:

    Mr. AJ Hoge, you’re great, good heart, choked me that gives me a hand where I am at the bottom in a foreign country and with weak English, I do not know how to thank you, this is priceless, humanity, I’m glad to meet you and be your uczniem.pisze through an interpreter, once again thank you very much!

    • Aamer Khalid says:

      That gives me immense confidence, to build on your strengths, being proactive and open to learning; a sure shot pathway to success.

  13. ROMY says:

    Mr. AJ you”re really great and very extraordinary person compared to some other experts who are only helpful if they will get something in return. MR. AJ how I wish to see you in person. I am actually a green card holder now and will be back to San Diego CA mid-June to be with the family. My whole family are now based in America including my wife and I am the only one left here in the Philippines due to some very important matters that needs my personal attention. Honestly, I am still in a dilemma whether to stay in America for good or not. Mr. AJ for your info, I downloaded all your videos re: ..”EFFORTLESS ENGLISH” and that makes me a better person whenever I hear those teachings. Am now more confident to speak English . REALLY HOPING TO SEE YOU SIR AJ. Thank you so much and keep up the good work… are really GREAT AND WONDERFUL PERSON.

  14. zary says:

    i enjoyed this video, thank you for your help,just hearing your voice gives me confidence & a lot of energy.

  15. Thank truly says:

    Thanks so much

    The new methods training will help me improve my listening and speaking english quickly.

    Thank AJ.

  16. Зинаида Фёдоровна says:

    All my life I worked at school with great pleasure. Now I enjoy your pronunciation. I save and use your these lessons for my grandchildren to listen to. Thank you so much for this chance!

  17. Ayan says:

    Thank you i enjoyed this audio for you help new method training

  18. mariacarmina says:

    me encanta I love it thankyou george and A J

  19. How can i pay in cash

  20. Junior says:

    Thanks a million! I learn a lot from you! Love your powerful messages!

  21. Idelphonse ADIMI says:

    I thank you are doing a great job. It is quite worth reading you! keep being inspiring to so many young people who always watch your videos online. You have already impacted a lot of people and for sure, you will have the return in one or the other way.

  22. susana says:

    Thans a lot! your words are very usefull to take a decision.

  23. nara says:

    It’s very powerful your videos
    I really apreciate .
    Thank you

  24. fatin says:

    very good vedio dear hoge especially we read and listen in the same time so we can find out the right way to say the words, many thanks to you

  25. Uriel says:

    Thank you very much A.J. Happy holidays

  26. seddik says:

    thank you aj hoge you give as a lot of things

  27. themis says:

    Thanks alot, A.J.This video is useful to me

  28. Iolanda Couto Ojima says:

    Dear A.J.,

    I’m very impressed with your material but mostly the good impact that affects our life in general. I’ve dealing with English since I started my career as bilingual secretary in multinational companies. I can assure you that from all the material I have the opportunity to listen what impacts me most is your
    concerns and efforts to improve our confidence that certainly would bring a positive attitude towards
    a more happy life ultimately. Many thanks for your loving professional human being who inspire all of us to do the best we can.
    God bless you, and lots of success in your career.

  29. batik tulis madura pamekasan says:

    thank you sir, i always hear your lesson

  30. Mira Bai says:

    My brand is Mira Bai. I like your every lesson . They help me make my super brand.

  31. HI: AJ Thank you so much . We highly appreciate your efforts , really you are our modern successful and powerful English school.

  32. we highly appreciate your efforts , really you are our modern powerful English school

  33. Kadi says:

    Thank’s Mr AJ

  34. Vahid says:

    Hi aj
    I tried for 3 times to learning english with u.but after 3 or 4 weeks l couldn’t continued.l don’t know for what.l really like speaking English as a native.
    Can u help me please?

  35. Amer tono says:

    hii A . J
    i’m very pleased that you give a lot people Motivation and to be successfully and i will be able to speak like a native and communicate with different situation . thank you so much
    You are Rock !1

  36. bard zakir says:

    Thank you AJ. Very good massage and great explore. Your module give me more confident to communicating to other person.

  37. Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly says:

    Thank you.I feel you are very helpful.

    The first step in designing a teaching programme for myself is to determine my level of knowledge.
    Even though My comprehension is excellent I need to practice my writing skills.
    I dream big I am planning to write something about the preventative illness. How to become your own philosopher I FOCUS ON MY STRENGHT… I manage to raise a very good family as a non-national living in Ireland without any support.Become a parent without any formal training is the most difficult job in the world.I am willing to keep improving my English for the rest of my life. Thank for your enthusiasm any suggestions for my unique circumstances?Kind regards.N Kelly

  38. Zahra says:

    Thanks. It was very amazing.

  39. Vũ Văn Thắng says:

    Thanks you AJ! I and my four year son begin follow your teaching. Although we begin but I belive we going to get success in the future.

  40. Eckert says:

    I´ve been improved by your by “brand yoou business englsih”. Thank you very much andsucces for you.

  41. Drigelio Rodriguez R. says:

    u are the best J

  42. Linh Diep says:

    Dear AJ,

    I want to leave you an encouraging thank you to let you know that you are doing a very good job, teacher and motivator for me. I like all your topics from very casual to formal matters of the life. I will be back soon as your VIP member.

    I wish you and your team a good health and high motivation for providing learners more interesting topics.

  43. Lilaina Gallego says:

    Hi AJ, I hear you video i like you video , very understanding for people the is no fluently in the english i hope soon enjoy you english programm and have more vocabulary and very speaking. thanks again for you video .

  44. T Osmam says:

    Very string message, thank you AJ

  45. Kouakou says:

    Thanks sir for making this video for me, because it’s helping me focusing on my strength. From today i know what I have to do firstly. Have a lovely day.

  46. Nancy says:

    Thank you very much . You always inspired us n encourage us to learn each day

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