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Does Your English Speaking Embarrass You At Work?

Do you need to speak English at work?

Do you need to:

You have good ideas to share at work.  You are a skilled professional at your job.

But, when you try to speak in English you feel nervous.  Your body feels tight and tense.  Your English comes out broken and full of mistakes.  Your accent is difficult to understand.

The Result: You feel embarrassed and your good ideas are not respected.

Why You Feel Embarrassed By Your English At Work

You probably learned English in school.  In fact, you studied for many years.  However, school English did not prepare you for the real business world.

School methods are for children, not for busy working adults.  To be understood and respected at work, you must use methods that prepare you for the real business world.

Successful Business English Speaking Is Possible

What does success look like?

The Business English Career Success System

Our BASIC Business English Career Success course trains you for the real business world.  The System is designed for busy working adults who need to use English at work now.

The basic course is free and is delivered to you by email.  We teach you how to be understood and respected at work.

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“We’ll not only teach you business English, we’ll teach you powerful business strategies to improve your job and career.”

George Hoge

Learn Business English from Successful Businessmen

The basic Business English Career Success course is taught by  George Hoge and A.J. Hoge.  George and A.J. are not only English teachers, they are also successful businessmen. While most business English teachers have only studied English, George and A.J. have decades of international business experience.

George Hoge is a retired IBM executive trainer.  He is a former Chief Financial Officer and has an MBA in finance.  George has over 40 years of business experience.

A.J. Hoge is the author or “Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native”.  He is the host of “The Effortless English Show” with over 41 million downloads worldwide.  He trains business executives and government officials to speak English successfully.  A.J. has been described as “The World’s #1 English Teacher“.


Be Understood and Respected At Work

To learn business English, you must learn from real businessmen in a course designed for working adults.   You must forget methods that were created for schoolchildren.

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