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English Public Speaking Emotion Key

English public speaking can be difficult. You must learn to master your nervousness and fear in order to be a strong and effective public speaker and presenter.

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  1. Faeze says:

    Thank you a lot mr Hoge

  2. juan olarte says:

    Hi a j. Good thoughts you teach us here on this webinar. I undertand we need to be free mentally when we speak, we need to speak with emotions too. We need to speak from the heart. We kinda feel what we talk about or what message we want to express with our spoken ideas. thank you juan

  3. orphanslover says:

    Hello Aj..Thank you so much for the great audio..
    its really usefull for me.

  4. Halil says:

    Thanks AJ, I generally agree with you. Feelings, emotions, showing energy are very important not only in speaking, for whole life activity with other persons.

  5. Rogerio Duarte says:

    Dear Mr Hoge,

    The vide that you sent to us about comunication , is fantastic, excellent. Thanks

    Have a great week.


  6. Somarajan says:

    Very informative, you are great A.J.
    thanks a lot

  7. Lucia Bohorquez says:

    Thank you very much AJ Hoge; I really enjoy your course I feel stronger speaking english now; for me this course has been a bless.

    Thank you again, I like to get all your videos and conversations.


  8. moslema says:

    mr A/j realy i respect you i like your lessons a lot thank you

  9. Mario A Valencia Cruz says:

    Excelent, thanks very much


  10. Nghia says:

    Thanks! Great lesson.

  11. first thank you for this lesson its very great i see all your lesson i try to speak english without fear

  12. joão says:

    Hello, i love your ideias.

  13. Young says:

    Hi AJ,
    Thank you for your advice for powerful speaking.
    I think your ideas will be very helpful to me.

  14. Romy says:

    Hello AJ,

    Thank you very much for a very powerful advice and encouragement. This will be a great help for me to conquer my fears especially if I apply them courageously.

    Romy Silva

  15. roskimhout says:

    thank you so much.

  16. Hi Aj,im jeaneth batican im from a philippines.i recieved your email course im so thankful because your email course is very useful….i learned a lot .thank you so much.i hope you have a time to visit my country.

  17. 18 says:

    Hey AJ this is Acingath yor [Rosa] from South Sudan but live in Australia,I am really grateful to be VIP Member ,I have learn a lot from you ,your encouragement.your teaching ,I will tell about myself sometime I just want to thank you for everything I have learn,
    stay bless

    Acingath yor

  18. Le Hoang HAi says:

    thank so much mr AJ, you are a great teacher
    u teachings a lot useful lessons to us,

  19. Julia says:

    I am very grateful to you AJ, it really helps. First it was hard but now getting better and better….

  20. Awilda Echevarria says:

    The video about communication , is excellent. I can speak English but never had realize that my problem when speaking to group was controlling my emotions until I seen your video.

  21. Awilda Echevarria says:

    I know with your help it will gain confidence.

  22. murilo says:

    Many thanks A. J.
    I found a good way to start a new life listening to this websemiar.

  23. Xinobaid says:

    I listened your Vdio of public speaking .it helps me a lot. I really like to learn from you. Your English speech is wonderful.
    Thank you so much!

  24. Thank truly says:

    Thanks AJ
    I want improve my english, SO I Will lean english carefully

  25. hi Aj
    Many thanks A. J.
    i like to see you for thanks

  26. Vinicius says:

    Hi A.J

    My condition of life to pay a english course isn’t enough, I’m so glad to have a support like yours videos, it’s a good technique to practice the listening.

    Thank You. I wish The best with your business.

    A lot of people from Brazil are watching your videos

  27. Nilde Pavani says:

    Dear A.J! Precious your classes, really! The world should speak so clearly like you, it would help so much! Kindest regards!

  28. Natalia says:

    Really I understand that you speak… it’s just surprisingly! Thank you so much to your precious audio

  29. Gratefulness says:

    Thanks so much teacher, in fact it’s the same problem that I was suffering from but from your today’s lesson and your special advices, I totaly changed, and will improve my speaking as your told in the video lesson, and try to master my fear and my emotion especially when speaking publically…

  30. Tạ Mỹ Linh says:

    it’s so great. Thank you so much!

  31. Saranchimeg Shagdarsuren says:

    Hello. George Hoge & A.J. Hoge
    I’m from Mongolia.
    Thank you very much for your classes.
    It is very important for my wish to study English language.
    So I’m glad for you.
    I will waiting your next class.

  32. Thanks AJ, really es very important for me to hear you.Still ,l have a lot of difficult for speaking,but in this moment l am very happy with this course
    Thanks, very much

  33. Thanks very much, AJ.
    for this audio.It is very interesting. Now, I am having, a lot of difficult for speaking.
    But, l will hear more the audios

  34. Zohra says:

    Hello, dear my teacher. I excited, that you send me this e-mail. Frankly speaking, they help me a lot. I begin to learn English three years ago. I learned from textbooks, but my speaking is very badly, so I have no interaction face-to-face with people in English during the day. I listened your speech, and I want to have it. Thank you very much.

  35. P Mario says:

    Hello A.F.
    I have no fear when I make my seminars in my Native Language (Portuguese from Brazil). But When I have to do it in English Language, I have some difficulty, specially when I have to answer and change ideas with the public. I don’t use to read in my presentations because is more attractive and less boring. besides this, I used to transfer my energy to all people and it is excellent! And finally, that is the question why I got you English Business Course. Just to (and I must) improve my English Language fluency. And I hope so.
    Best Regards

  36. Hello A.j says:

    This video is really effective , its boost me .but while speaking feel fear and not get words at a help me.

  37. nara says:

    Thank you very much for your classes A.j.
    I really enjoy it and the video help me too.

  38. themis says:

    Dear A.J Hoge.

    Thanks alot because your couses. It’s very useful for me. Thankyou so much of your help

  39. Marina Purtseladze says:

    Thanks a lot. You can’t imagine how helpful your lessons are. I do respect your job and hope one day I will gain the strenth to become powerfull speaker.

  40. Tuat says:

    I can’t thank you enough to you, Teacher!! I’m from Vietnam and I’m still a University student. After listening to your video, I know what I had better do is TO CONTROLLING MY FEAR than looking for the Public speaking Techniques. I hope my public speaking skill improves 🙂

  41. phandung says:

    thanks A.J Hoge. It’s very helpfull for me

  42. Gayatri says:

    its very nice i have to need your audio!

  43. Pablo Cobos says:

    Thanks a lot!

  44. buduj says:

    I love listen and watch your lesson
    This is amazing
    Now I recognize prefect method to improve my English.
    Never before I learned English, I thought that is stupid.but now A.J. Inspired me.
    I met someone who I love.we a are talking in English

  45. weina says:

    Great! I like your lesson!

  46. Mahesh says:

    Hi aj i am trying to improve my speaking ability in english and also using ur methods to thrive but i want to learn faster please give me some advice through email

  47. Hi Dear , says:

    Hi Dear ,
    kindly tell how should I learn faster I already i live in VA USA and my speaking is not good I can’t understand to Mach .please send me same method that I should use dealy .

  48. Dong Nguyen says:

    Thank you very much for your help, my dear teacher!.

  49. Cesar Acosta says:

    Thank you Mr. Hoge

  50. Mario Souza de Lima says:

    It was very important to me, because i really fear of public speaking.

    Thanks Mr Hoge!!

  51. Jerry says:

    Thank you Mr. Hoge. I am very excited now to learn more about english. Because you are awesome teacher. .

  52. Faleh says:

    Thanks a lot. It’s really helpful.

  53. Badeah says:

    Thanks alot AJ hoge It,s so useful

  54. Ana Aguilar says:

    Thanks deeply Sir A J Hoge you are an awesome teacher.

  55. Norma R says:

    Hi Mr Hoge,
    I just want to say thank you, your videos have been very useful for me.Now I can speak more fluently.
    You are a wonderful teacher!!

  56. coco says:

    You are a wonderful english teacher. I really like to watch your video and follow your pronouncation with emotion. Thank you very much.

  57. SAMAH says:


  58. Marwa says:

    Thank you so much . you are a great teacher .your videos always make me improve .and you give me high energey to learn more

  59. behnam says:

    Dear A.J


    your video is great , thanks alot
    best wishes

  60. anonymous says:

    Hi. I just enjoy listening to your videoes. You are a powerful source of energy.
    Good luck

  61. Vicki Kain says:

    Hi A.j
    I’m happy to listening your vidio is great .
    Everyday I listened your lessons then I feel better.

    Thank you

  62. Mohammed Aliakbar says:

    Thank you so much AJ,
    Speech in group is very important as you said, and it allow you to be leader in your job. Ultimately, you are going to have better salary and better life.

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