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I Want To Thank You For The Lessons
You’re welcome. We love getting hearing from excited members! icon smile FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Please leave a comment on our page or “like” it.

How Do I Buy Business English Conversations Lessons?
Go to the bottom of the home page and click “Get Business English Lessons Now” button.

I Don’t Have a Credit Card, How Can I Pay
We only accept credit cards at this time.

We only accept major credit cards at this time.

Can I Pay With a Money Order or Western Union
No. We do not accept money orders or Western Union because they are not secure and there are problems with counterfeiting.

Is This a Subscription. Will My Card Be Charged Every Month
The Business English Conversations Course is 4 payments. You will be charged one payment per month, for 4 months only.

After I Pay, How Do I Get The Lessons
You will immediately receive an email with a link to the course page. The email will also have your login and password.

How Many Lessons Are There In Business English Conversations?
Business English Conversations is a 16 week course. You get a new set of lessons (a “module”) every week for 16 weeks.

Do I Need an MP3 Player or iPod to Listen to the Lessons
No. You can listen to the lessons on your computer. However, an MP3 player (iPod, iPhone, etc) will allow you to listen to the lessons anywhere and anytime– just load the lessons onto your MP3 player and learn Business English on the bus, while walking, during lunch, etc.

What Kind of Files Are the Lesson Downloads
The lessons are all .zip files. Zip files download faster. You need 7-Zip or WinZip to open these files. WinZip comes with most Windows and Mac computers. If you do not have WinZip for some reason, you can get 7-Zip for free at:

What Program Do I Use To Open the Lessons
Use 7-Zip or WinZip to download the files (see above question). After that, use your media player (such as iTunes) for the audio lessons, and use Adobe Acrobat Reader for the text files. These programs can be downloaded for free (from Apple and Adobe) if your computer does not have them already.

Which Lesson Sets Should I Listen To First
Follow the order of the course. It’s OK if you go more slowly.

How Do I Use The Lessons
Listen to one lesson set every day each week. Each lesson set has 4 audio lessons in it. Repeat each lesson in the set everyday for at least one week. If the lesson set still seems difficult, listen to these lessons every day for another week.

If the lessons seem easy, still listen to them everyday for at least one week. Deep learning is a very important part of our system. Over-learn every lesson.

I Don’t Understand All Of The Lessons, What Should I Do
Just relax and listen to the same lesson everyday for a week. Most of all, be patient. It takes time, but with consistent listening you will improve!

I Paid But I Didn’t Get An Email With The Course Link

Check your “bulk mail” folder or your “spam” folder. Your email company probably sent the email there by mistake.

If its not there you might have accidentally entered a wrong email address.  Send an email to our Customer Service Department ( with:  Your Name and Date You Bought The Lessons.

Can I Get The Lessons For Free
No. We cannot offer the lessons for free, but we do guarantee your satisfaction with a money-back guarantee.

Are The Lessons Different From The Free Email Course
Yes. The email course teaches you a Business English study method that you can use independently. The Business English Conversations Course teaches you Business English skills.

How Can I Improve My Writing
The best way to improve reading and writing is to read easy novels… and read them everyday. How easy? Well, you should not need a dictionary to understand and you should be able to read quickly. On most pages, you should understand 98% of the words.

You can start with kids novels– books for children ages 7-12. Then find adolescent novels (for ages 13-15). After you read a lot of those, read novels for teenagers (16-18 years old)… and finally, novels for adults. What kind of novels? Anything you like. Mystery, romance, adventure, etc…. Read things you like. Read easy novels. Read a lot and read everyday. Don’t use a dictionary– read quickly and enjoy your reading. This is the best way to improve both reading and writing

I didn’t receive an email from your email course
Check your “bulk” or “spam” mail folder. Emails are sometimes put there by your email company by mistake. If the emails are not there, you may need to sign up again for the free email course.

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Your purchase has a 100% money-back guarantee
We know you’ll love our Business English Conversations course.  In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction.  Register for our Business English Conversations lessons and if you’re unhappy with the lessons, simply email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. We know that you will love these lessons. That’s why we can make this incredible offer! You will never find a guarantee from a textbook or classroom. We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this if we weren’t sure that you will be successful.