Business English Conversations

Free Text Versions Of The Course

As a special bonus today, you get FREE text for every audio in the course.

Text guarantees that you understand every conversation. Of course we explain everything. You also use the text to check your listening and improve vocabulary.

Every audio in the course has text.

23 responses to “Free Text Versions Of The Course”

  1. Mario Iwao Kasai says:

    I woul lid to learn english business.

  2. raed abu khalil says:

    i want to be one of youe students andyour team

  3. hank you for all your efforts to help us improve our English speaking and also presentations. God bless you
    Good things to you!

  4. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the initiative. Seems to me that everyone is involved more or less in doing business . A new form of practical approach to the issue of business is a very attractive way to broaden my modest practical knowledge in this respect. I look forward for the consecutive lessons. Many thanks

  5. Amaro says:

    I can barely wait for the next lessons, thanks A.J, Great as always…

  6. Cristina says:

    Thanks. Just what I needed. AJ I admire you and your enthusiasm. Thanks again

  7. Thiago says:

    Please Is it possible you provide a sample with a áudio and text for evaluation?

  8. i would like to improve my English speaking and presentation.

  9. i want to progress my career and developed my English speaking , presentation , correspondences, self confidence and able to persuaded other for my points of view .

  10. Juan Ortega says:


    I,m very happy with your offer of free audio
    Can I acces at text this free audio?

    Thank you for your important contact to we learn English

    • George Hoge says:

      The free text is for the BEC lesson set program which you have to buy.
      We do not have text for our blog “free” lessons.
      Hope you will consider buying the BEC lesson set program.

  11. Mei says:

    Are the conversations suitable for beginners?

  12. daiva says:

    what language level are conversations? what topics do they cover?

    • George Hoge says:

      Our BEC lesson sets cover most business topice: accounting, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, operations, resumes, job search, and more.
      Students are generally people who need to use English in their business life.

  13. good says:

    i wish it would help me a lot in business

  14. binh le van says:

    I very like it, please hepl me.

  15. Dhrumil Savaliya says:

    Hello George/AJ,

    I like the way AJ teaches english to the world. I tried your effortless english lessons in 2009 and today I can fairly speak english fluently. when I bought EEL 6 years ago, my english was about 10% probably and now I have improved it by 90-95 %, also I got an opportunity to live in Great Britain, this wouldn’t have been possible without your help, all thanks and credit goes to AJ.

    AJ you’re the best and I wish you more to bring this change to all students who want to improve their english skills. You’re the inspiration to me.

    As I said I have improved my english much better than normal student out there, I want to improve more by learning business english and new vocabularies. Do you think I should give try to these business lessons to improve my business vocabularies.?

    Please advice, I want to go one step further to the expert level to speak english like native speaker.

    Thank you!!

    Best regards,
    Dhrumil Savaliya (India, currently in UK)

    • George Hoge says:

      Looks likes you have made tremendous progress with EE. If you are interested in business and business terms I would say that you would not only benefit from the BEC lessons, you will enjoy them.

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