Business English Conversations

Job Search and Business English

Job searching can be extremely stressful and difficult, but it can also be simple and powerful.

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  1. thank you very much for you take care and Encourages me realy thank you very very much

  2. Cristina says:

    AJ: Thanks. All your videos are so good and interesting.

  3. Jashar says:

    Excellent video and very clear ideas for every one to liv the life powerfully. Thanks a lot A.J.HOGE.
    From : Jashar Hoxha Tepelene Albania.

  4. Max says:

    Hi all,
    Needless to say that AJ, as always, speaks to us with his usual power and competence.
    My gut tells me that this course will be a success like all the others he has done before.
    AJ is a person who does what says and says what does.
    Rare example of integrity.
    Go ahead this way, coach!


  5. Algirdas says:

    Hi,i like your lessons very mutsh,its very powerful,and its works,i can speak eanglish beter and beter,thank you….

  6. Ugo says:

    Well, I’m already using the Effortless English course.
    I can say, being sure, that the price is never too much respect the quality of the material on sale.

  7. Ivanov Ivan says:

    Congratulations Mr. Hoge!!! You are one of the Best english teachers on the world! Be health and keep walking!

  8. sakho mamadou says:

    thanks for everythink mr A J , you helped me so much i can’t say i speak english very well but i manage very well

  9. mozeus says:

    u really making our dreams come true, A J. HOGE!!!! u simply the best!!!

  10. Sprawdź To says:

    One of my favourite video. Another few bunches of great ideas. I’m looking forward to the next powerfull hints.

  11. Sherry Cai says:

    Thank you A. J. Hong for your great lessons! Success in life depends on the attitude towards life. Everyone has a different situation, so has a different way to get success. You are a very good example.


    Your videos upgrade my courage and courage,Thanks.

  13. abd0 says:

    good job and good work

  14. Ha says:

    Thank you so much AJ.Hoge. It’s really useful for me. You are a big reason why we admire Americans. Your thingking very deep. Thank you my teacher!!!

  15. foto zere says:

    thank you One year and four months ago I couldn’t speak and write Now I’m speaking and writing more English!!Thank you Aj. All your video are so good!!

  16. foto zere says:

    Hi, Aj how are you!!? you send to me All videos for class I am so happy i apprecaite!! thank you God bless you!!

  17. P Mario says:

    Hello A. J.
    As You know I’m an retired University Teacher, and now I’m working in an institution that it speciality is dedicated to railway construction. And so how I use to improve myself, I’d like to know more about your English Business Course. I have finished your first Efortless English course and also the Real English Conversations. And also to know how to make parte of the Team Conversation.
    Best Regards
    P Mario

  18. nara says:

    I really enjoy it.
    Thank you .

  19. Ali says:

    Nice video. Thnx

  20. Mohan Daniel says:

    I love your concepts. May I work with you as a Business English Instructor?

  21. sivasakthi.v says:

    Thank you sir your video is super it will increse our courage and belief once again thank you so much

  22. Dudi Ronen says:

    i wont thank you abaut all what you teach me . your words give me alot off power in my life. go on


  23. Barbara Kofin says:

    Thank you for this lesson.
    After 26 years exsperience I have lost my job and I’ve stressed, stressed, stressed about finding new job.
    Now I know- I should thinking like a businessperson to live my dreams.
    Thanks again

  24. loghman says:

    thank you for your lesson
    but we don’t have any thing for business and any faild

  25. K. Prabhakaran, Chennai says:

    your course is very much interesting to all. Continue your work in all the days.
    K. Prabakaran, Chennai

  26. Nick says:

    Thank You very much for your lessons!

  27. Re says:

    It was good story . But i must say that it happens for me just in the dream . It’s a dreamy story that i can’t see it in reality

  28. Evgeny says:

    It is good advise. I am thinking obout job same.

  29. Duong huan Hung says:

    Dear Mr A.J Hoge

    You talk very truly. Thanks your Audio.

  30. Eckert says:

    Dear Mr. AJ Hoge, thankyour very much for your audio about your way to a business man. I went the same way like you as a real estate agent, but not ever succesful.
    Yours sincerely

  31. Eckert says:

    Dear Mr. AJ Hoge, thankyour very much for your audio about your way to a business man. I went the same way like you as a real estate agent, but not ever succesful.
    Yours sincerely

  32. yim khemra says:

    your story like mine cause I used to visit at New Zealand for three months and I had to quit my job, I want to follow my dream because my boss not gave his permission on my leave form he gave me one month so I was very worry about when I back from New Zealand I had no job.

  33. Amol Kadam says:

    Excellent vedeo lesson. I like it very much. I am getting more knowledge from you. Thank you sir

  34. Zahra ALawi says:

    thank you mr. A J Hoge
    it is useful information

  35. Md asid says:

    Awesome vedio, thank u sir, u are a true teacher i believe u have a solution of any kind of problems

  36. Muhammad Sulman says:

    This idea is a wonderful so very very thanks AJ

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