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A Powerful Surprise: Lesson 2

Download The Vocabulary Lesson Now, CLICK HERE

Use the Vocabulary to better understand the Business Conversation we gave you.  Listen to both audio lessons daily.

Then watch the video for Rule 2:

When you learn rule 2 you may be surprised. We tell you to break the biggest rule in English class! You might not believe us! Trust us, this rule is the key to your business English success.  Your job is to communicate powerfully in business, using English.  You are not preparing for English class.  You are not preparing for an English test.  You are preparing for the real world of business.

You must focus your time and effort on business English, not on classroom English!

Today we are giving you an audio Vocabulary lesson.  This lesson will help you understand the Business Conversation we already gave you!  By LISTENING to the Vocabulary lesson, you improve your listening and speaking skills as you learn business English phrases and idioms.

In the next few days, we’ll give you more business audios and lessons.  Listen to them daily to improve your business English skills!

29 responses to “A Powerful Surprise: Lesson 2”

  1. Vinicius Iori says:

    I ‘m from brazil, and i am in love with your course.
    Thank’s for everything.

  2. My name is Alidore. Can you help me to learn and to listen an English studies .I need yours audios lessons . says:

    I live in United States since 2007 and I am from in my Country .I want to lean and to listen an English lessons daily before going to work .Now, I live with my family and I am interesting to improve my English for all my contact in the American society .How I do that ? What I do it ? I have a difficult to communicate with some people and I need your help .Thanks for your help and service . Your Website help us to know this English Language, to speak, to listen .This’s thing for my life future to learn this new Language . Thanks . Alidore

  3. Keta Jaeger says:

    This is exactly what I’ve said to my students!
    Nice to have it reinforced!

  4. fouzia says:

    i love the way that you give the course and i can say that you are really professional and confident
    Thanks for the course.

  5. Noorun Nobi says:

    I am Noorun Nobi from port city Chittagong ,Bangladesh . I am really unhappy guy due to English grammar rule , Everything always new me. How can I improve my English communication.
    Kindly guide me.
    I am really grateful to you .

    Thanks for the course .
    Noorun Nobi

    • George says:

      If you follow our rules you’ll see we do NOT recommend worrying about grammar rules.
      We stress listening to native English speakers conversations.
      Our Business English Conversations lessons are all about listening and not about grammar rules (we don’t like them either).


  6. Xinobaid says:

    I like you so much. You help me a lot.
    And my English get much better.
    Thank you so much!

  7. mohamed says:

    thank you very much. I’m from Egypt my first lung is Arabic if any person her can help me to improve my English by chat or anything other ? please help me.

  8. Natalia says:

    I can’t wait for next lesson! You give me a practice advice and I have more self-confidence in english. Thank you very much!

  9. Marcela S.S. Little says:

    wow, I confess I’m really surprised with this course, now I have to put in my mind ” no grammar rulers” that’s all I studied until today I just improve my English vocabulary because my husband doesn’t speak Portuguese only English, and because I became an English teacher here in Brazil. Thanks a lot for your help.

  10. Henryk Rosiak says:

    Hi A. J. ,

    Thank you very much for this lesson and all those lessons you have created. They’re amazing. It is a powerful method and for me the only effective one to improve listening and speaking skills. It’s a great pleasure to listen natural English with all those words such as y’know, kind of and many others and also idioms, slang so needed in everyday communications. It’s a real conversational English..

    i wish you all the best in running your business.

    take care

    Henryk Rosiak

  11. Aaisha Hameed Ghouri says:

    Hi A J,

    This is Aaisha Hameed Ghouri basically i m belong to Pakistan but i have just joined job in dubai, now i also facing many problems regarding business conversation your teaching style is too good and i m also really very confuse in english grammar rules. i m very impetience about ur .3rd lesson.

  12. n nabhan says:

    Hi A. J. ,

    Thank you very much for your advices

    kind regards

    eng. N Nabhan

  13. your system is great! Thanks a lot . says:

    It’s very useful. Thank you very much.

  14. pharmacist wessam says:

    Hi..Marvellous teacher A.J… 🙂

    I really enjoyed your marvellous course to a great extent.I really fall in love with it…
    My awesome teacher A.J …really can’t express my happiness to what happened to me. accent was really awful. .but after only few lessons of your marvellous course really turns to be awesome. ..

    Thanks a lot my dear teacher for your honesty with you said it’s effortless English and yesssssssssssssss it really was…thanks again..and plzzzzz don’t deprive us your amazing way…

    You are the prof.

    Thanks a lot again. ..

  15. ATUL says:

    The best course of real business world. One more thing I want to tell you that, Please prepare programme / course for legal language / news paper language which might be most difficult for layman.
    Most of the people sign the agreements / insurance related documents but don’t know the legal language.

    Hence it is my urge to prepare programme / course for legal language.


  16. Amer tono says:

    thanks A.J Hoge For B E C rules 2 i’m very pleased that you helping a lot people from different way
    so again thanks so much .you have Greatness within you

  17. marco says:

    Thank you A.J.,
    very kind of you! I found your audiovideo very useful to watch and to listen to

  18. Kanwar Ali Hadi says:

    This is Kanwar Ali Hadi from PAKISTAN n I want to speak english same like amarican so now with help of you now I am speaking english with good speed n style.

  19. Susanne Barth says:

    Hi AJ,
    your courses are really great and I enjoy them very much. At the moment, I work with your Power English course, but later on, if I have done the complete course, I´m going to start with Business English.
    Additionally, I run an English course at work and I think constantly about your 7 rules. I hate grammar very much but I have to it for the B2.1 test.
    Could you tell me, what is in your Business Englisch conversations included? How many lessons, POWs and vocabulary?
    I have to run meetings every second day and sometimes I feel not very uncomfortable. I think the reason for that is that my English-speaking participants (all non-natives) aren´t good at English, so I have trouble to understand them. I have been listening to Power English since October 2015 and I follow exactly your rules. Additionally, I listen to TEDx talk on youtube and I understand most of them and it´s really great. You do a very good job and I hope you will be in Europe soon

    All the best to you and your family Susanne

    • George Hoge says:

      Our business English program consists of 16 lesson sets. Each lesson set has 4 lessons……1) a discussion by AJ and George Hoge on a business topic,
      2) a vocabulary lesson, which is mainly to explain the idioms AJ and especially me that were used in the first lesson, 3) a discussion of the business topic by AJ and his views on the subject, 4) a similary discussion by me and my views of the topic. Each lesson also comes with a text. Once you buy the program you are enrolled in our forum where members exchange ideas and discuss the lessons.
      Hope you will join us.
      George Hoge

  20. Eckert says:

    Thank you very much for your interesting video-cips, but I can´t pay my membership via Paypal. Wy not, pleases?

  21. Alexandre Tetelestai says:

    Hi, A J. How grat is your course!!!! It´s amaizing… I have no words to tell You, but , I must say Thank You A J, I´m in love with your course, becouse it gave me the oportuinity to study in Canada!!

  22. I really enjoy and benefit from every lesson of your course. But I lose confidence when try to communicate in English, though I am acquainted with the sufficient vocabulary.

  23. Zin Mar Aung says:

    I like the courses.It gives me so many English skills.

  24. lasertest says:

    I’m very happy to find this page. I need to to thank you
    for ones time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely really liked
    every bit of it and I have you saved as a favorite to look at
    new information in your blog.

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